Editorial Assistant



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


United States


The Diakron Institute is currently looking for an editorial assistant who is interested in working on the Institute’s first publication (the Diakron Institute Magazine).

The candidate would collaborate remotely with the Institute’s two Directors, Luigi Lafasciano and Andrew Gipe-Lazarou, and with its Editor-in-Chief Giacomo Savani (who are also working on this project as volunteers, without pay).

For more information about our editorial team, please check out their respective webpages below:

Andrew Gipe-Lazarou: www.diakron.org/andrew-gipe-lazarou

Luigi Lafasciano: www.diakron.org/luigi-lafasciano

Giacomo Savani: http://leeds.academia.edu/GiacomoSavani

Weekly working hours are flexible (depending on the candidate’s availability).

The candidate will be credited as a contributor of the magazine, with the possibility of continuing his/her work (after the first issue of the magazine has been published) and being compensated (which depends entirely on the project’s success).

The candidate should speak/read/write English fluently and be well-versed in Microsoft Word, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop.

All candidates should be familiar with The Diakron Institute’s mission statement, and will be interviewed by Skype/Facebook Chat/etc. prior to being appointed.

The Diakron Institute (www.diakron.org) is a nonprofit corporation which organizes educational activities to promote the international exchange of disciplinary expertise and cultural perspective. The Institute’s members work collaboratively across the global network to innovate interdisciplinary projects, services, and events, by which they share their perspective and expertise with the general public. The Diakron Institute is currently supporting the development and realization of a wide-range of multi-cultural and interdisciplinary activities including a blind-accessible eco-cultural tour of the PNALM, a bear-tracking/art expedition in Slovakia, an underwater archaeology seminar in southern Italy, a cultural tour of the Cycladic islands in Greece, scientific research about the golden jackal expansion in Europe, and an accessible platform for the publication of audio/video recordings of natural, undisturbed animal behavior, “An Eye on the Wild.”

For more information, contact us directly at thediakron@gmail.com.




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