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Would you like to engage in a powerful project that makes a difference in the world? Would you like to develop meaningful relationships with people from India?

GCJ Kashmir 2018

Global Citizen Journey returns to India with ambitious and adventurous plans to visit one of the most beautiful, diverse and contested areas of India.  Little is known about Kashmir in the west that hasn't been sensationalized or biased by the Western slant fed to the media by the Indian government.

We are planning a 2.5 week journey for October 2018, with about 10 of those days in Kashmir.  

We will accept 12 delegation members from the west (North America and Europe) to join 14 from throughout India.   Our Indian delegates will include a number of Kashmiri delegates from Jammu and Ladakh as well as Kashmir. Our goal is to have individuals from different religious, political and ethnic groups

We will spend most of our time in the beautiful city of Srinagar in Kashmir where we will learn about what is really happening from the people who live, work and interact with their neighbors on the ground.  Our local sponsor ELFA International (Education and Livelihood For All) will connect us with local Kashmiri leaders, nonprofits, and organizations so we can learn, explore and listen together. Our goal is to foster dialogue and relationship building and find bases of unity, a common purpose and a creative process as well as a project that will be meaningful to the Kashmiri people.

We come as a delegation with courage, hope, and humility as our assets.  We will work with ELFA to create and design an ongoing project that welcomes all diversity, all ideas, all walks of life into a harmonious celebration of life.

We will bring with us the skills and teachings of Compassionate Listening and will host a Town Hall meeting with the larger community utilizing World Café and Open Space dialogue processes.

To find out more about this delegation and GCJ trip to Kashmir India in October of 2018 please contact Susan Partnow and Irene Michon, trip coordinators. You can connect with us on Facebook or by email: susanpartnow@gmail.com, Irene Michon imichon58@gmail.com.

As you can see, this is not a tourist trip. This is an opportunity to discover a part of India not often accessible to Westerners and to contribute and bear witness as a global citizen.  It is an opportunity to learn from others whose circumstances are very different from ours and learn invaluable lessons about you. It will be challenging and comforting and will change the way you see yourself in the world for a long time to come.

Global Citizen Journey (www.globalcitizenjourney.org) is a visionary and action oriented project that brings vital energy, support and resources to communities in need - and provides a rich transformative experience for delegates, supporters and volunteers. The project has multiple purposes: citizen diplomacy, peacemaking, leadership training, education, environmental activism and service. Delegates bring 'open hearts, listening ears, and helping hands' to build a living, global neighborhood.

Please note we enthusiastically welcome all applicants regardless of background who feel passion and connection to the goals of Global Citizen Journey. Each delegate will be asked to bring back stories of what they learn and share them widely so we can leverage the impact of the journey well beyond a one-time wonderful personal experience of the individual delegates who participate.

Part of our outreach strategy includes encouraging delegates to raise their journey costs, gathering support from friends and organizations. We provide fundraising materials.

Please consider applying to join this historic and inspiring journey. Check out the website - Click on Journeys-Kashmir for more details. Click on apply for the application materials you need http://globalcitizenjourney.org


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http://4425 Baker Ave NW

This is for a residential, international trip.

You'll find the application on the website: http://globalcitizenjourney.org/apply/

Or contact executive director: susan@globalcitizen.journey.org