Outreach counselor




Huntington Beach
United States


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This is an extraordinary opportunity to make a lasting, positive difference in the lives of youth. As a street counselor, you will provide counseling and case management to a group of homeless and at-risk youth. This position will link young people to housing, workforce development and other support services, set up aftercare plans, promote youth helping themselves and others, and act as a mentor modeling solid choices.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities*: 
1. Engage youth into counseling/case management services by building rapport through weekly outreach sessions.
2. Assess and enroll eligible youth participants into counseling/case management services and develop a youth-centered service plan. 
3. Support youth in achieving individualized case management goals by linking participants to housing, workforce development, public benefits, and other support services. 
4. Maintain regular contact with youth and reassess goals as necessary. 
5. Document service provision through electronic forum.
6. Create and enact maintenance plans for clients; providing follow-up monthly. 
7. Facilitate and support ongoing and regular workshops, projects, and/or programs. 
8. Attend necessary trainings, workshops, and staff meetings. 
9. Support all other initiatives of StandUp For Kids. 
10. Assist with community resource development and outreach center planning committees.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
Candidate must be an effective communicator, highly organized, capable of multi-tasking, and able to work with a multi-disciplinary team in a fast-paced environment. 
Volunteers will be supervised by Justine Palmore, BS Human Services, Carlia Oldfather, BS Human Services OR Albert Martinez, BS Psychology
Learning Outcomes:

Volunteers will experience many new and exciting things as part of the StandUp For Kids team. Of course, each individual experience will differ

Learning Objective 1: Understanding the Role, Structure, and Goals of the Agency

Learning Objective 2: Increasing Interpersonal Skills*

Learning Objective 3: Applying Critical Thinking Skills*

Learning Objective 4: Practicing Assessment/ Documentation*

Learning Objective 5: Practicing Skills for Case Management/ Service Planning/ Documentation*

Learning Objective 6: Using Supervision*

Learning Objective 7: Working as a Member of a Team*

Learning Objective 8: Understanding Diversity and Change

Learning Objective 9: Understanding Human Services/Social Work as a Profession*

Learning Objective 10: Participating in Agency Training