Facilitator - Summer Writing Workshops



Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Salt Lake City
United States


The Community Writing Center will be facilitating a number of workshops as part of our upcoming summer programing, and will have many opportunities for volunteers to participate as facilitators in workshop across a wide variety of topics: from resumes and practical writing to poetry and other creative writing. Orientation and Training are provided by the CWC staff, and workshops will typically be a single 90 minute to 2 hour session. Summer Workshops begin in late May, but the majority of scheduled workshops are in July and August.

Workshops are:

  • Open and accessible to any interested writer.
  • Held at various locations throughout the Salt Lake valley.
  • Often a writer’s first impression of the CWC.
  • Provided to help writers attain knowledge that will allow them to explore their own writing process.

Volunteer Workshop Facilitators are:


The CWC depends on having reliable facilitators who will commit to a workshop time and place, and then follow through with that commitment. If a facilitator is unable to attend their workshop, they must alert the Off-site Program Coordinator with as much advance notice as possible.


A facilitator must be able to create a welcoming environment in which people can learn and grow. This may include engaging in small talk before or after a workshop, a willingness to share short portions their own work related to the workshop, or communicating with a wide variety of attendees.


With a variety of people attending workshops, different situations, from unexpected questions to excessive tangents, naturally arise. Facilitators need to be prepared for questions, even if the answer is “I’m not sure. Let’s look that up.” They must also be able to guide a workshop back to the planned curriculum if attendees are distracted.


  • Training Provided