Board Member with expertise in fundraising/development



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


3701 Hardy Street
United States


Bayou Village School is looking for a board member who will be in charge of overseeing fundraising and development. This position will involve chairing the school's fundraising/development committee, developing relationships with potential donors, developing materials/presentations for potential donors, identifying grants the school could apply for, overseeing and developing various fundraising efforts, possibly helping develop a scholarship program for underprivileged youth in the school's neighborhood, working together with the finance committee to plan development of the school's building and grounds, etc.

This person is expected to attend and report to board meetings which are scheduled to occur every second month and are usually two hours long. In addition this person is expected to organize and lead meetings of the fundraising/development committee. Ideally this person has professional fundraising training/expertise. In addition this person should be passionate about the school's mission.

This position is open immediately and will stay open until filled. Board member terms are usually three years, but a board member can resign at any time. Any work online can be done remotely. A lot of board meetings, except for a few, are conference calls on a weekday evening. Two to three board meetings occur in person at the school in the evening. Similarly committee meetings are usually held at the school, either in the late afternoon, on the weekend or weekday evening.



How To Apply

Please send us an email with your resume/CV and a cover letter explaining your interest.