Art & Design near the MONTAÑITA BEACH & Dos Mangas Montain Reserve - Service learning Program



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Times of day

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Time Commitment

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Short-Term (few weeks/months)




Social Intership:

We invite people around the globe to join the Vivientes experience with Share and Learn Program. The Internship positions we have are ideal for those concerned with helping children and families with their overall wellbeing, take care of the environment and rescue of ancestral histories and values. The program include an interculturality experience between local members, staff and Vivientes projects and activities.

Areas on Vivientes internship:

– English lessons for children and youth: intercutlurality with community children – Art & Design :Make art about ancestral tales for community galery. – Artcraft magnufacturing with bamboo(Rurrana): Developing new and ecofreandly products. – Family organic Garden (side activity – on progress)

Internships applicant must select one area to join and take part of a project (Goal) Interns can participate in other areas activities without neglecting their assigned project.

Example of schedule and activities.

We divide or activitys in:

– Courses for interns (Introductory, intercultural or skills developing on specific area)

– Project development – Community work (project implementation)

– Free or rest time.

The courses and community work are strict schedule, it means that are obligatory.

Project development time is more flexible as you comply with the assigned goals..

Free / Rest time are for having fun. We have also Responsible Tourism activities suggestions and other Vivientes fun activities you can join.


Hosting contribution:

We require a amount to cover water, electricity and maintenance expenses for your stay. We try keep it lower than hostels to make the project affordable for everyone. We gain NO PROFIT and any remainder will be reinvested in the projects activities.

The regular fee on the glamping threehouse is $40 for shared space per week.

Camping room (twin size bed) : $60 (one person ) or $80 for couple per week.

Tree house shared space: $40 per week. (each person)

Camping $24 per week (each person) *Tent & equipment not included. *

This prices may vary on high /low season – because the water resources get limited and expensive. Be freeze and guarantee the value after confirmation of arrival date.

Please go to DOS MANGAS STATION page- To see all the facilities.

Project contribution:

Vivientes develops diverse actions to contribute to the community. The intern activities & projects are also a part of this initiative. As we don’t gain any profit and everything is self sustaining. We ask to Interns to contribute with some resources to cover the materials and time we are investing in you. All your effort made during your stay will be going directly to the community.

Suggested contribution $100 for up to two weeks project.

*The contribution support the acquisitions of materials and tools for doing the activity. The activity is always directed and supported by a staff members. * All the products and energy investment go directly to the community.

Scholarchips & finaltial aid

As a social project we are aware that not everyone can afford all the fees and we dont want that to be an obstacle.

We are ones with the most low volunteer rate in Ecuador with $140 per week and with an option to reduce up to $140 for Two weeks volunteering including project fee & hosting

Dont hesitate to write to us if you need this kind of price range.

Fee Required


  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

please summit on the website Here

if you have any question or inquieres please contact on whatsapp 593 984792454