Teach English Immersive classes to 6 orphans/ 2 weeks in Jacmel Haiti Spring 2018



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Sud-Est Department


Description of Volunteer English Teaching Tasks/Responsibilities

        In the English Teaching role with Better Future International (BFI) you would be responsible for a 2 week Immersive learning project for 6 children age 8 to 16 living in an orphans home in Cyvadier, Haiti. (near Jacmel)

·     Planning, organizing and providing English Immersion instruction to orphaned and vulnerable youth in Cyvadier, Haiti. You would be living and working with the children for 2 weeks.

·     Instruction will be provided for 2 weeks, beginning March 24, 2018 and ending April 8, 2018 where you will deliver daily lesson plans utilizing a broad range of activities and materials addressing all aspects of written and verbal English communication.

·     Clearly communicating and tailoring classroom routines to support each student in developing their ability to read, write, speak and listen in English.

·     Administering language assessments to evaluate student’s progress in meeting learning targets and progress in language acquisition.  

·     Maintaining complete and accurate records of student’s progress and evidence of growth and progress.

·     Providing a nurturing, supportive, and positive learning environment with high expectations that encourage student responsibility and enhances motivation.

·     Implementing activities in and out of the classroom so students can practice their English in real life contexts and assist them in building life skills.


Payments and stipends: This is a volunteer position. You will fly to and from Port A Prince Haiti at your own expense. You will also bring all your teaching supplies with you. We will provide you with a place to stay at the orphans home, transportation to and from the orphans home and our English speaking Director Jacques Africot and his wife will assist you and answer your questions while you are there. We will also provide meals served at the home. A small stipend will be sent to you, at the completion of a successful 2 week program .


About these children: The children have begun to learn English, but need additional practice over their 2 week Easter holiday.


Stipend Provided

Housing Available

Language/Cultural Support Available

We welcome

International Volunteers

How To Apply



Please send your education and/ or experience teaching ESL to children.

Also, write a short essay regarding your interest and availability to travel to Haiti and teach for 2 weeks this spring. This is an unpaid position....