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Web Developer / Site Admin


Atlas Assistance Dogs™ (Atlas) is looking for a Web Developer to develop, modify, and maintain its Website for use by potential Atlas clients, trainers, certifiers, administrators, and board members. We currently use the Wix platform.

About Us

Atlas Assistance Dogs expands access to those who want and legally qualify for an assistance (service) dog. We accomplish this employing ethical, modern, innovative, and proven approaches that challenge traditional assumptions about who can train dogs, how dogs should be trained, and what dogs and people can accomplish together.

There are many more who would benefit from service dogs than most organizations can supply. Atlas Assistance Dogs was created to fill these unmet needs.

We are committed to expanding the pool of qualified assistance dogs by working with dogs of all breeds and enabling people to obtain training and certification for their own dogs. We accommodate one-on-one, customized in-home training with certified, professional trainers. This enables more control over the very personal process of learning to work as a dog/handler team.

Atlas Assistance Dogs’ certification standards meet and exceed international requirements. We are building a network of certified trainers and establishing a program to enable qualified individuals to train and certify assistance dogs and handlers according to our standards. Our goal is to make it possible to train and certify assistance dog/handler teams in as many locations as possible both in the US and Internationally. We are expanding the possibilities for assistance dog training. We take advantage of the combined power of virtual learning and communication, online and in person communities, traditional in-person sessions, and individual as well as group aspects, to provide the best training solution for trainers as well as dog/handler teams.


To bolster the appearance and capabilities of our client facing website to better serve our clients, volunteers, and potential donors.

Key Responsibilities

* Develop customized features for our existing website using Wix plugins, Wix, and the Wix Code API (javascript based)

* Perform any necessary upkeep for our website.

* Make updates to information on the site where necessary.




* Experience with Javascript development, including promises and modules.

* Previous experience in the website development field

* Experience with the Wix Code API a nice to have.

Expected Commitment

* 5-10 hrs./week of availability on average.

* Ability to respond within 24-48 hrs. to end-user blocking items.

* Availability for committee or project meetings via phone or computer/skype. Schedule will vary, but 1-2x/month is typical.

* 1-year commitment requested.




  • Groups
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


Please reach out to opportunities@atlasdog.org to begin volunteering.