Restoration of historic sites in Etoile sur Rhone, France

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Between the Vercors mountains and the Provence region, the pretty village of Etoile sur Rhône has been welcoming international volunteer groups every summer for more than 40 years! Thousands of volunteers have participated through the years in the renovation of the paved alleys and historical monuments of the village, which has a rich cultural heritage. You will be delighted by the Drôme Valley. People interested in cultural history will not be disappointed!

The volunteers will continue the work started last summer in the village: renovation of low walls, old steps and stone planters. The work will be directed by a technical supervisor: total removal of existing stones on the old walls, disbursement of the land, preparation of the ground and assembly of walls with local stones. In order to protect the low walls from the pressure of the earth on this terraced site, concrete irons will consolidate the foundations.ea and it will enable you to appreciate the green spaces of the ’’Bords du Rhône" in the company of other people!

Let yourself be seduced by the Drôme’s natural beauty and wealth of cultural heritage! Located between the Alps and Provence, this area will amaze those who are passionate about history and various excursions to the towns situated at the top of sun-drenched hills will be possible, giving you the chance to travel beside meadows and rivers. La Drôme is an area waiting to be discovered! You will be able to visit Etoile-sur-Rhone’s surrounding area thanks to different touristic activities: walking and of course tasting local products! During your stay you will be encouraged to take part in cultural and linguistic exchanges.

Dates: July 2 - July 21, 2018 

Location: Located 10 km south of Valence, in the Drôme, Etoile sur Rhone (5,000 inhabitants) is a town which overhangs the valley of the Rhône. Its village, at the heart of the enclosure of the 15th century, reveals an architectural heritage of quality: a church, stone houses, a chapel and a castle. As for its countryside, it is characterized by very diversified landscapes (the rivers Rhône and Véore, agricultural and fruit tree zones, hills and woods).

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