Mobile App Backend Developer Consultant



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


United States


Mobile App Backend Developer Consultant


This is an unpaid (but, priceless), remote, volunteer position with flexible hours. Benefits include:


  • A rewarding experience by helping vulnerable pediatric children and their families
  • Working with a committed, passionate team (we love us, and so will you!)
  • Gain hands-on nonprofit experience, (a great resume builder opportunity)




At STCC we are currently looking for a backend developer consultant to supplement our Tech Team volunteers. We currently have a design plan in place and our tech team is nearly complete in drawing up wireframes and mapping user experience (UX). Our user interface (UI) designers have picked up from there and are busying creating the graphical elements, branding assets, and style guides. We also have people working on a feasibility testing plan now. Our mockups and prototypes are not yet developed. Soon we will transition the project to a Mobile App Development Company, one has not been selected yet, and we need someone to guide us in this transition process. This person will serve in a consulting role to help us ensure that we are on track with our frontend development to make a smooth transition to a backend company for the implementation of business logic, data handling as well as integration with third party systems.


  • This person will assist in reviewing bids and selecting a Back End Development Company
  • Ability to review our interaction designs in the form of user flows, wireframes, full color mockups, and interactive prototypes (Sketch and InVision).
  • Work within a collaborative team to ensure all aspects of our product experience are considered and cohesive before transitioning to a Backend Developer.
  • Provide feedback on our feasibility user testing plans.
  • Provide guidance on the merits of moving our app forward via universal native developers or hybrid programmers for the Iphone and Android platforms.



How To Apply

We look forward to hearing from you. Only experienced individuals should apply. Please provide your resume and portfolio. Thank you.