Reforestation and fire prevention in Algarve, Portugal

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Help us create new forests and take care of old ones in areas damaged by human activity and wildfires in Portugal. Together, we will plant trees, shaping the landscape, feeding the soil, and acting to prevent fire, so that young forests can survive the hot summers and offer shade, water, and natural spaces to future generations of people and wildlife.Volunteers will be engaged in the following activities and tasks:

• Preparing for reforestation: Working on an ecologically degraded area, we will use techniques for soil and water management to create conditions in which trees can survive. We will start a tree nursery, and start planting local species in a few places where watering is possible.

• Fire Prevention: We will decrease the risk of fire in a young native oak woodland, protecting and watering young trees, cleaning out dead branches, preparing for new plantations, and making signs with information about the reforested areas.

• Event Support: We will help with the organization of Open Day and Pizza Night events, by preparing spaces for the events, making crafts from natural materials (wool, willow, cork, wood) for the reforestation fundraiser, and creating educ-art: images, music, poetry etc. to present at events to educate the public about the value of native forest.

In this project we will also explore together the relationship between nature and culture through these activities:

• Nature Connection: We will have a day out and a few afternoons to visit places in the Algarve that are protected nature areas and places of traditional culture, and have opportunities to do walks, bicycle rides, and canoeing close to the camp.

• Group dynamics: We will start and end the day with opportunities for sharing and group decision-making, and everyone will participate in planning events, in observing, presenting, and evaluating the project results.

• Social and leisure activities: Together we will prepare evening activities; Cultural nights sharing cuisine and culture of participants’ countries; Games nights, and celebrations.

Project language: English

Project dates: September 10 - September 21, 2018

Location: Odiaxere, Lagos

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