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Renovation of a kindergarten in a poor rural village in Vietnam

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CADIP | Thái Nguyên, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam


Published 4 months ago

Short-Term (few weeks/months)

The project takes place in a poor rural village in Thai Nguyen. More than 90% of the villagers are ethnic people and poor farmers. The people’s living standard is still very low. The kindergarten in the village was established in 1990. There are…

Details at a glance
  • On-site Location
  • Housing Available
  • Language / Cultural Support Available
  • International Volunteers Welcome
How To Apply

To enroll in the project, click here: www.cadip.org

or give us a call: USA: 310-882-7400; 646-657-2900; 617-841-0400;

Canada: 416-943-4900; 604-628-7400; 514-316-8500; 780-638-2500…

Thái Nguyên, Thai Nguyen, VN