Happiness for the poor in the Lunar New Year's days, Vietnam

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Vietnamese Lunar New Year, more commonly known by its shortened name Tết, is the most important and traditional holiday and festival in Vietnam. Many Vietnamese prepare for Tết by cooking special holiday foods and decorating their houses. There are a lot of customs practiced during Tết. In Vietnam, to celebrate Tết is to “ăn Tết”, literally meaning "Tết eating", showing the importance of food in its celebration. Some of the food is also eaten year-round, while other dishes are only eaten during Tết. “Bánh chưng” (Chung cakes) are symbolically connected with Tết and are essential in any Tết celebration. Preparation is time-consuming, and can take days to cook. The story of their origins and their connection with Tết is often recounted to children while cooking them overnight. There are many poor families and children in Vietnam who cannot afford to make Chung cakes because of their financial situation.

Local and international volunteers will work together in Hanoi to make traditional Chung cakes and give them to poor children and families. They will also prepare special performances and events with music and games for the children.

Project dates: January 28 - February 4, 2019 

Location: Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. You can travel to discover further wonders of Vietnam! Located in northern Vietnam, Hanoi is the capital of the country with a population of seven million. The city is a thousand years old and follows the banks of the Red River. Hanoi counts many colorful districts including the French styled Old Quarter near Hoan Kiem lake, the modern New Quarter, and the more touristy TayHo area.

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