Providing social interaction and care for seniors in a nursing home in Costa Rica

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Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Santo Domingo
Heredia Province
Costa Rica


The nursing home in Santo Domingo aims to provide a quality service to elderly people who need it as a result of their situation either of poverty or disability, by means of comprehensive care in an appropriate setting according to current guidelines.

The volunteer tasks are mainly related to providing company and sharing experiences with the residents:

• Talk with the elderly people in order to get to know their likes, needs, health and to benefit from their advice and experience

• Participate in activities such as exercises or workshops (sewing, cooking, arts and crafts, etc.)

• Coordinate with the health professionals at the home for various activities

• Help during meals and serve the elderly people

Volunteer’s schedule is Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 4:00pm.

Special requirements:

- To have a basic level of Spanish

- To be patient and tolerant, to be independent, have initiative and be prepared to complete many different tasks

Arrival and orientation: All participants in the program have an orientation meeting in San José before traveling to the project. The orientation helps you get an insight into local culture and prepares you for a positive experience in Costa Rica.

Please arrive in San José 3 days earlier. On the third day, you will start on the project. Volunteer placements start on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only.

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How To Apply

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