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Engineers for a Sustainable World, ESW,is a growing collection of technically-minded people looking to make the world a better place. Most of ESW's impact comes from projects done by its 50 college-based chapters.

Our work includes everything from a self-contained living unit and design studio for mobile deployment in disaster relief areas, to a solar charging station on campus for student and faculty use, to a hydroponic system for a local food pantry to produce low-cost food for the community.

ESW is run by a team of passionate volunteers who care deeply about building a better world.

Our general requirements, regardless of position, are as follows:

  • You need to be passionate about sustainability, and agree with our mission, vision, and values.
  • You do need to be able to commit time to the organization, including regular conference calls. We find that in order to be effective, most positions require 5-10hrs/week on average, fluctuating by season.
  • Self-motivation is important for the digital environment that we work in.
  • You don't have to be familiar with ESW-HQ - we're friendly people, and we'd love to meet you.

About working with ESW

We accept applicants from all over the country. ESW volunteers work in a digital environment. We use Slack, Google Suite, and Zoom to communicate with each other. If you aren't familiar with these technologies, no worries! We'd love to teach you.

Executive Director Position

The Executive Director (ED) serves as both the internal guiding force of the organization and its most prominent external spokesperson. The ideal candidate will be passionate about sustainability and dedicated to embedding it within engineering. Candidates should be able to articulate a vision for Engineers for a Sustainable World’s (ESW) role in a rapidly changing world to stakeholders including members, corporations, and academic institutions. As the head of the organization, the Executive Director is responsible for rapidly growing the organization’s resources to more effectively tackle large problems, managing a large decentralized team of volunteers in the implementation of our strategic plan, and developing a strong network of business, nonprofit, and academic partners. This position offers the opportunity to help put sustainability into the education and practice of the next generation of technical students and professionals.

Responsibilities include:

  • Guide fundraising strategy and obtain dedicated and secure resources for successful operation and program management (40% of time)
  • Identify and help secure funding from corporations and philanthropists
  • Guide the planning and implementation of individual fundraising campaigns
  • Lead or assist with proposal writing to governmental agencies or foundations to fund programs
  • Develop partnerships for shared resources in the form of in-kind donations and professional expertise
  • Build the ESW brand in the form of public and organizational recognition and key partnerships (30%)
  • Represent ESW at events
  • Connect to faculty and staff at institutions of higher education to build ESW’s presence on college campuses
  • Build strong partnerships with engineering-related companies
  • Connect ESW to existing non-profit networks as a substantial contributor or leader in those efforts
  • Oversee all internal functions and personnel (20%)
  • Maintain communication between staff departments, the Board of Directors, and the Advisory Board
  • Foster trust between individuals and engagement within the organization
  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements of tax-exempt status
  • Articulate the vision and plan for the future of the organization (10%)
  • Monitor success of current programs and guide adjustments for new opportunities or stakeholder needs
  • Identify areas for new programs and impact and targets for expansion, prioritizing between stakeholder groups as necessary
  • Work with the Board of Directors on strategic planning for both short and long term horizons
  • Help develop annual budgets which make efficient use of resources and grow the organization’s overall impact
  • Coordinate creation of an Annual Report for public distribution



How To Apply


Send a resume and cover letter to Brittany Bennett at bbennett@eswusa.org