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Do you love to write?

Have a story to tell?

Do a Barrel Roll is looking for you!

Who are we?

We're Do a Barrel Roll (http://www.doabarrelroll.ca), a new registered Canadian non-profit dedicated to driving positive social change through gaming of all types. We run on a rotating thematic cycle, focusing our programming and projects on a particular subject every few years. Until 2021, Do a Barrel Roll is targeting its efforts on Community and Belonging.

What are we doing?

Right now, Do a Barrel Roll is working on a project to challenge endemic narratives about gaming by highlighting how it can be a vehicle for postive change, pro-social behaviour, and healthy living.

We are looking for personal stories, thought pieces, and contributions by gamers all over the world. We think of gaming in the broadest possible sense: video; arcade; table top; mobile; AR/VR; LARPing; and, plenty of other categories. In particular, we are interested in contributions that showcase how gaming has been a means by which you or people you know have found a sense of belonging, acceptance, inclusion, friendship or developed a community. Stories are the most powerful means of communicating this message, and that's why we need your help!

What are you going to do with us?

We are asking for contributions of all types - writing, audio, video, images, poetry, etc for publishing on our website. The contribution should speak to your story about gaming, as well as any of the themes relevant to that story as noted above. We aren't looking for embellishment, just your experiences. Written contributions should be under 1000 words, unless otherwise agreed with us. 

If you are more comfortable with talking about your experience, we would be happy to conduct an interview with you.

To begin, please email ben@doabarrelroll.ca with one to two lines about your contribution to get the process going.

Once we receive your full contribution, our team will review and draft for online publishing on our website. You will have several opportunities to review the final product before publication and you can choose at any time to remove your story from our website.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the email address above! This a remote opportunity with no remuneration.

Thanks for your story, and for helping Do a Barrel Roll fulfill its mission!




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How To Apply


Send us an email at stories@doabarrelroll.ca with 1-2 sentences introducing your story!