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Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


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POSITION SUMMARY   The Behavior Support Specialist will develop the skills to form positive relationships with students experiencing academic, behavioral, and/or attendance difficulties in school and with their families. The AmeriCorps member will serve as a liaison between families and the school, improving the relationship between the two. He/she will support families to encourage attendance and effort in school. This service position will also serve as a mentor to students to provide opportunities for these young people to discuss and problem solve rather than react in emotionally-charged and conflict situations.S/he will encourage mentees to find pro-social solutions to problems and to seek out those who can assist in resolving the issues faced.  Each member will be specifically assigned approximately twenty highly at-risk students to mentor and will perform check-in and check-out contacts with those students twice weekly, or more often per instructions from the site supervisor. These contacts will be recorded for student tracking and member evaluation purposes. Each member will participate in team meetings at least weekly to update the team (AmeriCorps members, supervisor, and school staff) on the attendance, behavioral, and academic status of assigned mentees. Members will actively promote mentee involvement in extracurricular activities that will enhance mentees’ connection to the school. The Behavior Support Specialist will also support students' success through improving school attendance by making contact with parents of absent students to encourage attendance and securing required documentation. Members must have all clearances before serving vulnerable populations, including students in the Williamsport Area School District. This AmeriCorps service description was developed for AmeriCorps service, not staff or volunteers. AmeriCorps members do not replace staff.


  • Bi-weekly stipend ($515.00 biweekly)
  • Health Insurance (for qualified members)
  • Forbearance on qualifying student loans while serving and interest accrual payment upon program completion
  • Segal Education Award upon program completion ($4,144.00)
  • Child Care Allowance (for qualified members)
  • Experience and training
  • National service organization membership and alumni services


  • High school diploma or its equivalency
  • Interpersonal communications;
  • (With minor exceptions) Clear Act 34 Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History, Act 151
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse, and Act 114 FBI Criminal History clearances;
  • Valid driver's license;
  • Physical ability to perform essential job functions without any health restrictions including the ability to move freely about the school, to sit, stand, carry twenty pounds unassisted, have unrestricted use of the upper body, corrected or uncorrected hearing and vision within normal ranges, and a clear speaking voice.

COMMUNITY NEED   Approximately 120 of the 1400+ students in the Williamsport Area High School have demonstrated themselves to be at risk of failure to graduate or be prepared for postsecondary educational or employment opportunities. Factors contributing to this risk include family disorganization, lack of parental support, homelessness, residential transience, poverty, familial drug/alcohol abuse, lack of important adult support for the importance of education, and others. Those who fail to graduate (over 15% of the four-year-cohort measure) generally cannot secure family-supporting employment, are more frequently involved in crime and represent a higher than average proportion of the incarcerated population. Members serving the Intervention Counselor extend the school’s ability to engage and support these students and move them toward earning a credential that will improve their chances of success after high school by serving as mentors who can connect students to needed services and support them in accessing these services.

Essential Functions of the Position/SPECIFIC DUTIES

  • Meet and form relationships with identified students;
  • Make student contacts relative to school attendance;
  • Monitor student behavior in the classroom;
  • Makes appropriate referrals, with follow-up, to community advocacy groups, as necessary;
  • Do check-in and check-out with students per prescribed schedule;
  • Discuss problems with students, referring students to appropriate resources in the school and community;
  • Make home visits to form relationships with students' families;
  • Discourage physical responses to conflicts among students;
  • Organize parent engagement activities;
  • Make home visits to engage parents in support of educational goals:
  • Assist in communication between home and school;
  • Maintain and update familiarity with all pertinent regulations and policies;
  • Provide daily guidance to program participants;
  • Make home visits to assess child's developmental needs;
  • Make parent contacts to support school attendance;
  • Assist educators in classrooms relative to issues with mentees; 
  • Attend Corps Team meetings;
  • Complete AmeriCorps monthly service and outcome reports;
  • Complete weekly time logs in timely fashion;
  • Complete weekly journals;
  • Develop, plan and participate in various AmeriCorps events such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, AmeriCorps Week activities and other service projects;
  • Participate in host site and AmeriCorps trainings as scheduled.


  • Stipend Provided
  • Training Provided

How To Apply

Please print and fill out the application found here:

*Application can be mailed to 2140 Boyd St | Williamsport, PA 17701 or faxed to 570-322-2197

*Application can also be scanned in and emailed directly to

OR simply email stating your interest in the position and providing your phone number and someone will reach out to you!