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Trounson Park Road, Kaihu
New Zealand


Nestled on the slopes of the Tutamoe peak in Northland, New Zealand, the Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary consists of 100 hectares of regenerating cloud-forest. This native forest is classified as having national significance and no logging is allowed within the sanctuary.

We are also located within a greater area in which kiwi are present and one of our long-term goals is to establish and maintain a protection area that will support ten pairs of resident kiwi birds.

Pupu Rangi is home to other native species of trees and birds that have require active protection from introduced pests. Cows, possums, rabbits, and feral goats browse indiscriminately on young plants thus preventing the forest renewal. Possums, stoats, ferrets, and feral cats eat eggs and young bird chicks endangering the native species that are not adapted to mammalian predators. Through different techniques recommended by the Department of Conservation, we try to keep down the numbers of pests to give the seedlings and the native birds a chance to develop and mature.

Local council grants, private funds, donations, and proceeds from our programs are used for the following conservation tasks:

  • fencing of the forest to prevent the entrance of the grazing cattle
  • marking and cutting of access tracks
  • possum, stoat, ferret, and feral cat control
  • weed control and native tree planting

You are maybe thinking of coming to New Zealand attracted by the amazing landscapes, never-ending beaches, blue skies, soaring mountains, and green forests. You like nature and seek respite from the crowded city. You sometimes wonder what simple life is like, living off the grid, maybe? You want to do something meaningful with your hands and see the result of your work.

You should come and join us!

The Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary welcomes you to this place of learning: about the forest and its creatures, about conservation, and most importantly about yourself. You will be challenged on many fronts: living off-the-grid, working in a dense jungle-like forest, having to change your perceptions about the things that we take for granted. You will also experience something that is rare these days: the expanse of an un-explored forest which you and your fellow volunteers will help preserve.

If you want to joint the team of volunteers, no prior experience is required, you just need the courage to face the rain,

mud, wind, and physical work.

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Contact us by email at

We are open to volunteers between November and April every year. Programs start every Monday