Renovating a health center and raising public awareness on STIs and AIDS in Togo

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Plateaux Region


Klomanyondi is an isolated village in the prefecture of Kloto. The public equipment and infrastructure is almost always damaged, among it is the health care centre. The volunteers in this project will help to renovate the building of the centre. Beside the renovation activities, the volunteers will organise, in cooperation with the medical staff of this centre, public as well as “door to door” campaigns to fight STI’s/AIDS. The aim of this summer project is to ameliorate the health infrastructure in rural areas by renovating the health care centre of Klomanyondi. Specific aims: To arrange and renovate the building of the health care centre; To organise campaigns to fight STI/AIDS; To enhance the intercultural exchange between volunteers and the local population.

The volunteers will arrange the site of the health care centre; clean up, whitewash, and paint the interior and exterior walls. They will plan the campaigns of sensitization, identify the target groups, prepare the instruments of sensitization, organise the walks and units of sensitization in the village and its surroundings. The volunteers will organise cultural activities in order to create a good atmosphere to facilitate the exchanges.

Project dates: August 6 - August 26, 2018 

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