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§ The Chief Information Officer (CIO). This position is responsible for overseeing the information and data integrity of ELOIM and for all Information Technology functions of the organization. 

§ The CIO serves as an executive level manager to direct all technology programs, services and functions for ELOIM, the CIO formulates the IT business plan and performance measures, defines short and long term IT needs, and develops policy to meet operations objectives and enhance the court’s performance.  

§ The CIO develops operating and capital IT budgets, monitors cost-effectiveness of operations, reduces costs and improves efficiency, including negotiates contractual terms and conditions with vendors.

§ The CIO provides leadership and direction for information technology activities by developing and implementing strategic plans, processes and programs to support ELOIM.

§ The CIO leads the effective and efficient operations of shared information systems and services throughout the organization and directs technology, professional and management personnel engaged in the optimization and unification of IT resources and services to meet organizational needs ensuring effective execution of technological plans and functions and monitoring performance.

§ The CIO is responsible for leading and directing project teams to ensure effective deployment, management and implementation of multiple complex projects.



IT Governance and Portfolio Management 

§ Participates in and leads and directs IT project teams focused on implementation of emerging and existing technologies in our community and nation at large.  

§ Defines and assesses IT governance, policy, and management standards in ELOIM. 

§ Leads and/or participates in working groups tasked with defining and implementing standards and best practice solutions, writes high-quality project reports, and makes effective presentations. 

§ Conducts strategic, tactical, and project planning. Align IT objectives and programs to ELOIM objectives and strategies. 

§ Prepares requests for information, requests for proposal, and other procurement documents, and assists ELOIM in vendor and product selection and procurement project quality assurance. 

§ Develops policies and procedures in consultation with senior management to ensure efficient and economical system operations; evaluates results to ensure compliance and to identify deficiencies. 

Operations and Technical Support 

§ Maintains reliability and functionality of existing information technology systems, including ensuring security for all information systems devices and data, and managing the flow of information to the Internet, ELOIM systems, other agencies and internal users

§ Directs data integrity, system standards, and guidelines established by the organizational policies

§ Supervises staff, including selecting or recommending selection, training, assigning and evaluating work, counseling, disciplining, and recommending termination; prepares periodic employee performance evaluations. 

§ Develops, presents and defends budget requirements; administers ELOIM technology budgets, overseeing and approving departmental expenditures. Define metrics based on overall ELOIM objectives. 

§ Manages administrative matters such as conducting special studies, preparing routine or special reports, developing and administering training, or providing for staff technical or professional growth

§ Conducts staff and other professional meetings and conferences to exchange information; promotes data sharing between agencies involved in the justice process; attends technical or professional seminars or conferences to improve professional skills.

 Communication and Collaboration 

  • Meets with service providers and business partners to discuss new technology and negotiate pricing of technology equipment; procures and installs hardware and software for ELOIM technology operations; verifies compliance with licensing agreements required by software vendors. Optimizes costs of IT services through a mix of internal and external resources. 
  • Collaborates with senior management to develop project plans to meet the technology needs of the organization; manages implementation of plans to ensure adherence to organizational standards, policy and procedures, and to make adjustments as needed. 
  • Develops positive relationships with ELOIM partners and internal customers by understandingELOIM’S priorities. 

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