Helping the Homeless Find Housing - Resource Management Volunteer



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Times of day

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Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


PO Box 188445

United States


Sacramento Self-Help Housing is developing a network of volunteers to comprehensively combat the affordable housing and homeless crisis in the Sacramento region.

Looking for a way to gain valuable experience working on one of today's most complicated and far-reaching issues WHILE ALSO making a difference in your community? ... The need is great, volunteer with us today.

Resource Management Volunteer

The Resource Management Volunteer (RMV) is responsible for tracking and databasing existing relevant social programs AND finding new solutions. Affordable housing and access to various state, county, and city social program are at a premium, we need your help to find openings to give our clients the opportunity to succeed.

Preferred Skills

Practical digital and print research skills.

Digital communication.

Basic understanding of Google Docs or similar online file-sharing applications.

Time Commitment (Optional*)

2 hours a week

1 hour twice a month for a conference call*

1 hour every other month for a volunteer thank you lunch-in sponsored by SSHH or community partner*

The Big Picture

The RMV position is part of a the larger "Helping the Homeless find Housing" volunteer network, organized by the non-profit Sacramento Self-Help Housing. Its purpose is to develop an empowered group of volunteers to assist the homeless in Sacramento, while also highlighting the broader complexities of homelessness and the affordable housing crisis.

Other positions in the "Helping the Homeless find Housing" include Volunteer Housing Councilor, Resource Management Volunteer, Volunteer Director of Community Engagement, and Volunteer Administrative Assistance. 




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How To Apply

Email dcorea@sacselfhelp to set up an interview or with any questions.