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586 Fuller Avenue
Saint Paul
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mmunity Action Head Start is committed to providing low-income families in our community with high quality education for children ages 3-5. Your efforts will help our Head Start children have a terrific ride to class. Help to beautify the buses! 


Supervisor: Transportation Coordinator or Maintenance Technician 


Tasks and Responsibilities: Assist with the cleaning of Head Start “short” buses. Clean interior windows, wipe down the walls, seats, dashboard, hand-rails, ceiling, and mop the floor and steps of each bus. Remove and wipe clean the “star” booster seats for kids. If there is additional time, you can assist with yard-work at the center or other tasks. Turn in a timesheet within two days of the project. 



Show interest in beautifying buses;

Able to physically respond to the demands of cleaning and maintenance tasks;

Capable of lifting 10 lbs;

Must be able to tolerate a mild bleach solution used to clean buses; wear old clothing & shoes which may be affected by contact with a mild bleach solution; and bring your own rubber gloves (used for washing dishes), if desired

Ability to work as a member of a team and independently with little supervision;

Experience with washing a vehicle and general cleaning;

Ability to speak English;

Individual or group of up to 30 members; Age 18+ (age 13+ with an adult present) 


Time Commitment: One-time 2+ hours during a weekday 7am to 2pm. Specific hours will be arranged by the supervisor. Dates available are mid-June thru end of July; and, Fridays-only during the school year. Please schedule at least two weeks in advance, due to logistics.  


Group Size: One to thirty members. Groups will break into teams of 2-5 people per bus  


Opportunity Location:  Saint Paul, MN - Frogtown neighborhood  


Benefits of Volunteering: Gain vehicle cleaning experience and professional networking. Knowledge that you are helping children thrive! 


For Information Contact: (register at least two weeks in advance) or call 651-603-5979; and,

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