Community Outreach Volunteer



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Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Los Angeles
United States


ABOUT THE RIVER PROJECT: The River Project (TRP) is a small (<10 employees) nonprofit organization founded in 2001 and dedicated to natural resource protection, conservation, and enhancement. Our mission is to encourage responsible planning and management of our land and water resources, working toward local water and living rivers nourished by healthy watersheds for the social, economic, and environmental benefit of our communities. Through outreach, advocacy, scientific research, projects, and hands-on educational programs, we provide Angelenos with the tools to create climate-resilient communities.

ABOUT WATER LA: The Water LA program ( is an initiative that provides residents of Los Angeles with the tools they need to capture, conserve, and reuse water. Water LA responds to challenges related to climate change, water security, drought, flood, water and air quality, equity, and habitat loss by empowering and assisting residents to implement nature-based solutions at their homes. Water LA will host hands-on educational workshops in communities to share the knowledge and skills for installing and maintaining Water LA strategies.

INTERNSHIP SUMMARY: The River Project seeks a Volunteer to support community engagement and translation initiatives for Water LA.

The Volunteer will gain experience with translation and community communication through the translation of outreach materials and on-site translation during engagement events.  Initial focus will be on translating outreach materials such as flyers, newsletters and emails to support communication to primarily spanish speaking communities. Materials will be distributed to engage community members in Water LA.   The Volunteer will also accompany TRP team mates and support communications for engagement meetings and hands-on workshops and even project installations.


  • Training Provided

How To Apply

Please submit your resume via email to apply.