Cleaning the coastline and planting trees in the town of the elves

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Hafnarfjörður is famous for having one of Iceland’s largest settlements of elves, dwarves and the so-called ‘Hidden Folk’. Centuries-old folklore has it that whole clans of such beings reside in the rocks that make up part of the town’s centre. We do not doubt this at all. Though elves are visible only to those with second sight, many Icelanders believe in their existence. Indeed, there are many stories to support this belief and reports of cases where the construction of new roads or housing developments were hindered by strange happenings around. Hidden Folk are highly respected all over Iceland, especially in Hafnarfjördur. There is even a Hidden Worlds tour that takes to their home sites, including Hellisgerdi Park and the base of the cliff Hamarinn, which is said to be home to the Royal Family of the Hidden Folk. Along the way, the guide relates ancient folk tales of the magical hidden worlds and narrates how the town developed in harmony with the Hidden Folk.

The town is the third largest town in Iceland, with a population of over 26,000. A progressive municipality that focuses on ensuring a friendly environment. It is only 10 km away from the center of Reykjavik.

Volunteers will have environmental tasks in different areas in and around Hafnarfjordur, for example cleaning the coastline, planting trees, taking down old fences, removing lupines or other plants and fixing hiking paths. Our work will also depend on the weather conditions and we need to be flexible. This is a perfect project for people who like outdoor work and challenges.

Project dates:

  • July 26 - August 5, 2018 
  • August 5 - August 17, 2018

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