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The Youth Voices Network (YVN) is a dedicated group of survivors of dating abuse who speak out --for themselves and as advocates for other survivors --with the larger goal of helping youth build safe and healthy relationships. Sharing stories of overcoming abusive relationships offers survivors an opportunity to heal and transform their experiences into a powerful tool that can protect other youth. YVN is a part of Day One (, a unique non-profit organization that provides resources and support to young people ages 12-24 who have experienced or are currently experiencing dating abuse or intimate partner violence.

Youth Voices members join a community of fellow survivors who are building their public speaking, advocacy and leadership skills by taking action against dating abuse. Their experiences have the potential to save lives by raising knowledge about domestic violence and providing others with resources for help. Their advocacy with legislators and leaders impacts attitudes and leads to policy change.

The Youth Voices Network raises awareness in a variety of ways, including:

--> Sharing personal stories of survival - anonymously or not – with youth/peers; parents; teachers; government officials; journalists and other media professionals

--> Strategizing to raise awareness of relationship abuse among youth through public events; outreach to organizations; local and national media attention

--> Planning events that raise awareness on the issue of teen dating violence

--> Acting as a support person to other survivors by accompanying them to court and other important appointments.

YVN meets on a monthly basis, and while not required, attendance is strongly encouraged to foster the relationship between members and to sustain efforts towards the groups mission to educate and raise awareness about teen dating violence. The time commitment to the group will vary depending on which activities you choose to become involved with.

How To Apply

Please contact Youth Voices Network Coordinators at to request an application, or fill out the application available on the Day One website: