Medical volunteering in Kenya [Hands on Medical Volunteer]



Times of day

Weekday Mornings

Time Commitment

Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Joseph Kangethe Road
Nairobi County


Our placement purpose is to provide the applicant with the opportunity to gain intercultural skills and qualifications for their personal and professional development through voluntary service in the host country. For a working relationship to develop between the applicant and the organization.

The placement location is in Kenya and the head of the organization is the placements supervisor. The applicants working hours are upto 40 hrs per week and the project management determines how the weekly hours will be distributed across the individual days.Time spent in induction and training constitute working hours. The applicant is entitled to a total of 2 days holiday for every completed month but also, during weekends ,the applicant is free. The organization has the right to amend this contract by means of separate service regulation and to make amendments to project specific conditions[example working days, code of conduct, sickness procedures etc]. The applicant is free to extend the agreed period of time to stay in the host country. Applicants will always work with a Doctor from the project.

Participants do not work alone. They offer assistance to professional health workers.We recruit professional and nonprofessional medical participants in this program.

If participants are students in Medics ,then they can not treat directly but are also able to work alongside with professional health workers in this centre.

We have several departments like-Dental,Nursing,,Consultation,BP ,Mother and child,Laboratory,TB ,HIV,Pharmacy etc.




  • Training Provided
  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • Groups
  • Families
  • International Volunteers

How To Apply

All the duties below are done by the volunteers/Interns but they always have one of the hospital staff to assist them and guide them.

-Recording the patients, Measuring BP, Getting spacemen’s in the laboratory & Counting the patients.

-Give drugs from pharmacy; Help the pregnant mothers and also helping during delivery period.

-Giving vaccinations.

-Cleaning equipment used in the hospital.

-Dentists help in the Dentistry department like tooth cleaning,filling,extracting.

-Injecting patients.

-Dressing & Cleaning the wounds.

-Helping women in delivery department.

-HIV aids department –volunteers help in giving ARVs to the patients.

-Applicants get involved in circumcision department.

-Applicants also work in emergency cases in casualty department.

-Also applicants works hand in hand with the local staff in the health centre & pharmacies. By helping in giving the drugs to the patients after they get prescriptions from the Doctors.

-Applicants are not restricted in one department, they are free to work in all departments to gain more experience.




-Ultra sound.



-Mother and child.

-TB Clinic.

-Ear,Nose and Throat.[ENT].




-Triage [BP,Weight].


·        The intern/Volunteer confirms that he is 16 years of age and above.

·        The participant confirms that he/she is medically fit to complete the voluntary service in full.

·        The participant is obliged to actively take part in the accompanying educational program provide.

·        The participant is committed to carrying out any tasks bestowed upon him bythe project in conscientious manner and will respect any house rules that are in place.

·        Participant will not bring and alcoholic drugs in the host family.

·        Participant should respect the culture of the host family members.

·        Participant should not come home very late and if so,then he should communicate to the host family earlier ,this enables the host family to be able to provide accurate safety measures to the participant.

·        The dress code is casual,no miniskirts or dresses that expose the participants body[seductive].