Organic farming with the residents of an alternative community in South Korea

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Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


GyeongGi Province
South Korea


Sanan Village is an idealistic community which follows the philosophy of an environment-friendly, non-possessive society.

As of today, around 20 families live in this community, and the residents are encouraged to pay more attention to the preservation and conservation of the environment while also freely sharing public resources. People of the village live together, work together and share together. The volunteers are expected to follow their way of life. Main income for the village is chicken farming. Their organic products, mostly eggs, are sold at the market in the city and are popular with those who prefer organic products.

Those who are interested in a new and alternative way of living, may get some fresh ideas about their life through this program.

Volunteers will assist the villagers with organic farming, taking care of chickens, and household work such as cooking and cleaning in the village kitchen. Various festivals are taking place often in the village. You will have the chance to meet many local people through these events.

During the project, volunteers will be able to not only eat healthy and organic food from nature but also experience different way of life with warm-hearted locals. You may have a chance to learn Korean and Japanese too as you'll possibly meet a few Japanese residents. There will be further culture exchange through sports, cooking, and various activities.

Upon arrival in South Korea, volunteers attend a mandatory 3-day orientation before moving to the project site. Training for long-term volunteering is provided through conflict management workshops, case study revision, helpful advice from former participants and introduction into Korean culture.

Project dates: September 12 - December 7, 2018

Location: Sanan Village in Hwaseong Gun, GyeongGi Province, about 1 hour south-west of Seoul.

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