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Are you a powerful programmer? Do you love solving problems with your keyboard and text editor? Are you looking to use your coding skills to protect the planet?

Then we want you on the team!

WYI is an environmental awareness group whose main goal is to inform people about climate change and what they can do about it as individuals.

Our team is currently developing a single-page application (SPA) aiming to help people to take action to manage their negative impact on the environment.

Level up your development abilities while making the world a better place, send us your CV today!

Job Description:

  • Design, develop and fix bugs in our single-page application.
  • Research which technical solutions would best fit the problem and project needs.
  • Perform testing of Web applications and systems, engaging team members as necessary.
  • Work closely with the different teams (graphic designers, management, etc.) to suggest improvements to the project.

Job Requirements:

  • A minimum of 1 year working as a JavaScript developer using MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS and Node.js (MEAN stack).
  • Practical experience providing and consuming Web/RESTful services.
  • Hands on knowledge of CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap CSS, Sass/Less, etc.
  • Possess a strong understanding and relevant experience in developing single-page applications.
  • Degree or diploma in computer science or in a related field with experience in single-page application design would be an asset.

Job Location: Montreal or E-Work/Telecommuting

Time Commitment: You are in control. Our volunteers have the flexibility to help when they can, from where ever they want. All we require is that you volunteer for a minimum of eight hours per week. We use a team approach so that the workload is flexible based on the time you can give us on a given week. That way you are in control of how many hours you volunteer.

Employment Type: Volunteer Position. Support a cause you are passionate about all while expanding your professional experience.

Volunteering with What's Your Impact, what's in it for me?

  1. Working alongside individuals who share your values and are passionate about the environment
  2. Gaining valuable experience working in the non-profit sector
  3. Having the ability to work on projects that match your passions
  4. Expanding your professional portfolio/CV
  5. Professional reference letter based on performance after a minimum of 8 weeks of volunteering

Apply for this posting: https://whatsyourimpact.org/get-involved/apply

More info about What’s Your Impact? Visit our “about us” page https://whatsyourimpact.org/about-us

Questions about this posting? Send us a message https://whatsyourimpact.org/get-involved/contact-us