Children’s Home Managers



Time Commitment

Full time (30+ hrs/wk)


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)




Fondation Enfant Jesus (FEJ) a well-established Haitian non-profit organization is seeking a volunteer (preferably a couple) to oversee the daily management of our children’s home in Haiti. Our creche (orphanage) is home to approximately 65 children from infants to pre-teens. It is recognized as one of the most-respected orhpanages in Haiti.

Responsibilities will be the daily supervision of Haitian staff, managing the kitchen staff and food usage, keeping the children’s records up to date, and blogging on our website about current events and needs of the orphanage. We need someone who is organized, possess excellent organizational skills, basic computer skills and good writing skills. The person/couple must be able to multi-task, be flexible, and willing to do whatever jobs need to be done. They need to possess solid communication skills (both written and verbal.) They need to be willing and interested in learning Haitian Creole. French language skills are helpful but not required. They need to the ability to work independently and/or as a member of a team. They must respect the diversity of all adoptive parents, staff, volunteers, and donors. 

Housing will be provided at the children’s home in Kenscof, Haiti.  Fundraising, or some form of financial support needs to be arranged by the volunteers for airfare, meals, and personal expenses. An ideal situation would be to have the financial support of a faith community from your home. You will be working closely with other staff and must be a team player who can get along with different personalities in a work setting.  


Fluency in English required. French or Haitian Creole skills would be helpful but not required.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills; Flexibility; Willingness to work on a variety of tasks; A good team member; Ability to share your knowledge and teach skills to others.

Willingness to learn French or Haitian Creole.


Housing Available

Language/Cultural Support Available

We welcome


International Volunteers

How To Apply

Send a letter of interest and resume to