Support the programs and operation of an educational farm in Belgium

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In this project, volunteers will support an educational farm located in Stoumont, in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes. The farm welcomes groups and individuals for farm visits, environmental education sessions, bird-watching tours, donkey rides and thematic weekends (basket weaving, traditional dances, baking, etc.). It has a residential center for children, tourists, families and hikers. The aim is to allow people of all ages and backgrounds to discover nature and farming, as well as to promote and raise awareness about responsible consumerism.

The farm offers a wide array of programs and activities for school groups, children with disabilities, interns, families, disadvantaged people, etc. The activities are specifically tailored to the needs of each group. For instance, children can visit the pens, observe and pet the animals, learn about their behaviour, help feeding the animals and cleaning the barn, learn to milk a cow or a goat, learn to make bread, butter and cheese, ride a donkey or a pony, explore the environment, learn about healthy eating, hike in the forest and learn about the different trees, discover the amazing variety of bird, amphibian and insect species, test their navigation and topographical skills. The programs are also adapted for children with disabilities who greatly enjoy and benefit from the farm and nature experience. The farm also hosts small groups or individuals with socially and economically disadvantaged background and provides them with training in the filed of farming or socio-cultural activities in order to support their reintegration in mainstream society and workforce.

Volunteer work: Volunteers can either help with the educational sessions or work on the farm. They can choose which program to join according to their skills and preferences. Those who choose to work on the educational project will supervise groups of children. Those who prefer manual work will work on the farm (feeding animals, cleaning the barn, etc.).

Volunteers must be aware that farm work can be physically demanding. Volunteers will always be under supervision, they will not be left alone. They will help local farm workers and will be taught how to do the different tasks. The work schedule will depend on the current needs. The farm works 24h a day. At some times, there will be work for more than 8 hours.

The educational sessions for children take place in the summer. During those sessions, children have activities from 9 am to 4 pm (walking in the forest, taking care of the animals, making bread, etc.). After 4 pm, it will be necessary to organize games, dinner, showers, night walks and breakfast. Some groups (3 to 15 years old) come for day visits only; other groups (6 to 15 years old) come for an extended stay.

The project is running from June 1 till September 30. Minimum stay of 2 weeks is required.

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