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WorkLife is searching for a few good men and women to help with our VITA efforts this year. VITA stands for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, and helps low-income earners prepare and file their taxes for free, as well as gain access to important credits like the earned income tax credit (EITC). Many of the working families we serve turn to for-profit tax prepare sites during tax-time. They get charged by the printed page, thus sometimes making the EITC filing not 'affordable'.

On average, clients saved $350 by filing their taxes through our program- that's an average of almost 35 hours of work (or a week's worth of work) for our clients (many who make between $9.50-$11/hr).

WorkLife is the only organization providing VITA services in the workplace and with support of their employer. Last year in partnership with DenverABC, we visited 11 employer sites and completed over 200 returns. We make our services easily accessible to working families whose tax-return can be a life-saver and stress-reducer.

Below you'll find ways to get involved with our VITA program. We have broken it down by varying levels of participation to address any time restrictions you may have.

Thank you and please pass this opportunity on to your networks-

Tax Preparer: Using TaxWise software, completes the federal and state tax returns for low to moderate income taxpayers.

• Training is completed via online self-study or in-person classes and practice sessions.

• Certification consists of passing an IRS standard of ethics test, intake process and the "Basic" course which covers tax topics such as the ACA, w-2s, education credits etc. "Advanced" covers additional topics such as limited income from a personal business, capital gains and loss and additional tax credits.

• All returns are reviewed by at least one other volunteer.

Interpreter: Our employer members host a vast and diverse employee population with English often being the taxpayer's second language.

• Work alongside tax preparers to ensure accurate communication about the return, the 

• Tax training is optional, only the IRS's standards of ethics certification is required.

Greeter: Tax preparation is appointment based and we rely on the tax payer to bring in all required documentation in order to complete the return. Greeters are needed to make sure the return process goes smoothly with no documents missing.

• Required training is the IRS standard of ethics quiz and Intake process. Tax preparation training is encouraged but not required.

• Greeters will contact those signed up for tax appointments and follow Form 13614-C to identity if the return can be completed at a VITA site, is out of scope and what documentation the tax payer needs to provide in order for the return to be completed.

WorkLife will need Greeters to work along-side staff member for intake on Mondays and Tuesdays with shifts from 9 am - 12 pm and 1 pm - 4pm. Greeters will ensure all documentation is on hand and scan all information to our secured cloud. 

Completing the actual tax returns will take place at our 99 Inca St location on Wednesdays from 8 am to 6 pm. Come when available! 

Interested? Or have any questions? Please call/text Logan Jones at 970-888-1412 or email at


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