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Los Ayudantes (the "Helpers") is an award-winning tutoring non-profit organization dedicated to helping Redwood City public school students improve the literacy and critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in high school and beyond.   We provide volunteer, in-class tutoring for 6th-8th graders and after-school book clubs for 4th-5th graders. We work with small groups of students in the classroom, and provide after school enrichment and book clubs so children can get extra practice and be encouraged by positive adults who believe in them. We're passionate about literacy and about helping English learners reach grade level proficiency so they can be successful in school and build a solid foundation for their lives. All tutors will be working with kids for whom Spanish is typically spoken at home.

We are looking for volunteers to come 1 to 2 hours a week at Fair Oaks School, Kennedy, and McKinley Middle School - all in Redwood City. We ask that before signing up, you check to ensure you can make a school-year long commitment.  You can become an important, trusted adult in the kids’ lives when you make this commitment to tutor them throughout the year.

Tutoring Requirements: No special foreign language skills are needed. Proficiency in English is required. Tutor training and orientation will be provided.  ​ Background check and clean TB test required. Once the volunteer form is filled out, the Program Director will contact you for instructions on this process. 

Please click this link for the days and times we have available. http://www.losayudantes.org/join-usvolunteer.html


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If interested, please click this link for the days and times we have available. http://www.losayudantes.org/join-usvolunteer.html Once you've picked your preferred date and time, please click the VOLUNTEER button on that page, and we'll contact you after we've received your email. Alternatively, you can email the program director directly at jenni.farrell@losayudantes.org