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301 8th Street
Suite 235
San Francisco
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Sunday Streets creates miles of car-free space for people to get outside and be active. We transform neighborhoods into one big recreational space for the day. Our 2018 season will run from March-October, once a month, in various neighborhoods.

To make sure our event is a safe and car-free environment, it takes hundreds of "no-parking" signs posted along the route to let drivers know their vehicles aren't allowed on the road for the day. In order to do so, we need to make sure all proper information is included on our signs. You can assure volunteering with us at our monthly volunteer movie nights achieves our goal.

When: Wednesday, May 16 from 5 pm - 8 pm

What: Volunteers will enjoy watching "Finding Dory", while preparing our no-stopping signs for our upcoming Sunday Streets summer events (Sunset/Golden Gate Park, Mission and August event). Tasks will include relabeling and restringing signs, and having fun. Light snacks and drinks are provided.

Where: Livable City Offices, 301 8th Street, Suite 235

How to sign up: RSVP by following the website URL shown below secure a spot. Refreshments, snacks, popcorn and a movie included!

Feel free to email volunteer@livablecity.org for any questions or if you're a group who'd like to help.


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How To Apply


All volunteer inquiries are welcome! For individuals, please sign up following the website URL link. For groups, please email us to coordinate. Thank you for your interest!