Volunteer opportunity orphanage, farm and/or NGO office




Short-Term (few weeks/months)


77 Sekkilar Street
Tamil Nadu


Since 1993 BLOSSOM has been committed to improving the welfare of society’s most marginalised groups, particularly women and children affected by HIV/AIDS and/or TB. The organisation conducts programmes in providing medical and social support to those affected by the diseases. At the same time, smaller programmes have made improvements in economic empowerment, employability, and skills training for these populations. 

We have a children's home that is located in Chitoor, a rural village of the Madurai District. It is home to 30 children between the age of 3 and 18 years. The children here have all been affected by HIV/AIDS or TB in some respect – orphaned by the disease, infected themselves and then rejected by their families or can no longer be supported by infected parent(s). We provide food, shelter, medical expenses, and social support to the children.

Instead of charging for food and accommodation, we ask that volunteers to select a project to take ownership of it. Projects may be chosen according to length of stay and individual interests. Our staff will loosely guide project implementation, but we are looking for volunteers who can work without a lot of oversight and micromanagement. We also ask volunteers to fund their selected project if new materials are needed (very small contribution - e.g. purchase paint for 500 rupees).

Other than your own project you are welcome to help with the following ongoing activities at Blossom:

Home fix-up and renovations: painting, landscaping, planting and other handy work you can contribute to the home.

Games, activities and academic support for the children: help with the children in the home before and after school.

Organic farming: working directly with the crops e.g. planting, weeding, picking, and helping out with the animal e.g. milking the cow, feeding the goats, chicken and cow, cleaning their homes, etc.

Office work: helping out with administrative tasks and social media within the NGO’s office.

We expect daytime hours to be dedicated towards projects and/or working in the office while evening hours can be devoted in aiding children with homework. Volunteer roles and schedules are flexible, but require initiative and are for the most part self-directed. We require our volunteers to stay a minimum of two weeks. In exchange for your work you will receive three meals a day, accommodation (including a fan and western toilet), free WiFi and access to English speaking staff.


  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • International Volunteers