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The American India Foundation (AIF) is now seeking applicants for the 2018-2019 class of the AIF William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service across India. The Fellowship is an immersive volunteer service program matching young professionals with NGOs and social enterprises in India. Fellows have the opportunity to support an under-resourced organization at a crucial moment of scalability through collaboration, skill-sharing, and capacity-building.  Fellows work with civil society leaders in India and contribute to projects that are replicable and sustainable. They gain knowledge of development on the ground in the fields of education, livelihoods, and public health. Fellows serve from Fall 2018 to Spring 2019.

Benefits: Fellows receive a living stipend and health insurance coverage for the duration of their volunteer service in India. Travel to and from a Fellow’s point of origin to their placement as well as programmatic travel, including to Fellowship conferences, is included in the program. Fellows receive comprehensive training prior to their departure and in-country, as well as structured mentoring support throughout the program. Depending on the local language required to complete a project, a Fellow may receive basic training at the beginning. There is no language requirement to apply. 

Eligibility: Open to U.S. citizens, U.S. permanent residents, and Indian citizens between the ages of 21-34. Must have a Bachelor's degree in hand before the program start on September 1, 2018. Apply by January 15, 2018. We encourage candidates from all disciplines to apply.

Qualifications: We seek applicants with a diversity of skills and backgrounds. Candidates should demonstrate a deep commitment to service, and an interest in social and economic development in India. Candidates must show humility and an eagerness to learn within a cross-cultural context. Ideal candidates possess strong professional skills, relevant volunteer or other practical experience, and applicable academic credentials or training. They are entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative in finding solutions and navigating unknown, unstructured environments. 

Sample Projects: Whether it’s developing an evaluation system to assess the social impact of skills-building programs, facilitating an entrepreneurship program for rural women in flood-prone areas, formulating a waste management strategy for endangered reptiles, or increasing public health partnerships to commercialize life-saving technology – there are a multitude of ways that candidates can apply their skills for meaningful impact.


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