Volunteer in Tanzania & Help children achieve their dreams

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Short-Term (few weeks/months)


Mbande, Temeke
Dar es Salaam


When a child is born, a dream is born. Children come with various gifts for their lives, their parents, community and the world. However due to various social, cultural and economic factors not all children manage to arrive at the desired destinations. Developing urban centers bring children from various social and economic backgrounds living and sharing. In this regard, it is very easy for children to adapt to another culture or having their dream crushed. Some children have been negatively or positively affected by family relations, media, teachers’ environment around them. This project aims to discover and explore children’s dreams and how they can possibly be supported to realize their full potential. The project will include four aspects:

• Explore: Exploring various dreams among the children (some kids want to be doctors, farmers, politicians, etc.)

• Understanding: Try to understand factors associated with their dreams, are they real, how they are walking in their dreams etc.

• Challenge: what challenges or limitation are they facing in realizing their dreams?

• Act: Possible support and actions required from parents, teachers and others in supporting the children to reach at their higher point.

Volunteers will be involved in a good number of activities to achieve the desired objectives of this project. This includes:

• Social activities for children: Organize social activities for children in the community (6-13 years) after schools hours, e.g. sports, games, support their academic development, language, social skills, arts, craft, coloring, music etc.

• Collecting stories: Dreams of Children; who do they want become in the future, why and how they are planning to be there, possible barriers etc.

• Inspiring: To organize activities which will give the kids power and courage to move forward; this could be through playing roles of the position they would like to be, talent shows, listening or watching successful stories from the volunteers, community members or through videos

• Dream stories record: Collect stories and photos of the kids with their dreams to be shared with their parents and school to support the kids in realizing their life wishes through various social and academic initiatives.


September 1 - September 14, 2018

September 15 - September 28, 2018

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