Care and support for children in the National pediatric hospital in San Jose

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Short-Term (few weeks/months)


San José
Costa Rica


The Hospital de Niños is the most important institution for children’s health care in Costa Rica. Its staff is constituted by the most experienced pediatricians and surgeons specialized on children. As a consequence, the hospital receives babies, children and teenagers from all over the country and from all social backgrounds.

The volunteering opportunities at the hospital are arranged with an association of women who give love, support and care to children in recovery process from surgeries or treatment and who collaborate with some other general activities in the hospital.

Volunteers' main tasks in the hospital will be: • to accompany bedridden children, • to play with the children in the playground area, • to help in some other areas of the hospital such as the laundry, • to assist in specific activities assigned by the hospital staff in accordance with the volunteer’s specific skills.

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