Renovation and protection of Fujian Tulou - the ancient earthen castles of China

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Fujian Tulous are unique Chinese rural dwellings built between the 12th and 20th centuries by the mountainous Hakka people living in Fujian. In China, the Chinese traditional concept called “Feng-Shui” focuses on the relationship between human being and nature. Therefore, the Tulous were built with great consideration of the harmony with and respect for their surrounding nature in a very sustainable and energy efficient way, using local materials. They are interdependent with the mountains and rivers and form an ecological connection with nature over time. However, with globalization and the expansion of cities today, the environment is sometimes ignored and new structures are being built around the Tulous.

Moreover, a Tulou is usually inhabited by one family clan of several generations, and the enclosed structure allows for members to work together defending each other. Individual rooms provide privacy, but there are also communal areas, which provide for cultural gatherings and communication. Nowadays, the community dependence is weakening with young people moving out to the cities for work or for school. Emphasis on private property is growing and villagers prefer living in larger and more modern buildings. Project aims:

• To preserve, protect, and promote Tulou (background, history, culture, architecture)

• To enhance international exchange and promote sustainable tourism and development of the Tulou

• To inspire future changemakers who are impactful towards world heritage preservation and sustainable tourism and/or building structures

Volunteer activities:

• Learn why and how to renovate Tulou and assist in renovating and beautifying its surrounding environment

• Continue the building of a Tulou wall

• Share the World/Cultural Heritage of your country with the local people

• Interact with local villagers through cultural activities

• Participate in discussions on changemaking stories or ideas on world heritage preservation and sustainable building structures whether they are from your country or from others

Project dates: July 21 - August 1, 2018

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