Staten Island Stop 'N' Swap



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One-time only


Clay Pit Ponds Interpretive Center
2351 Veterans Road West,
Staten Island
New York
United States


Help GrowNYC create an event where people find things they need and reduce waste! At Stop ‘N’ Swaps New Yorkers bring items they no longer need and find things that are new to them. The public is invited to bring and take gently-used items, like books, clothes, household goods, and toys. You don't need to bring something to take something. The only things we don’t take are large items/furniture.


As a volunteer you will help receive, sort, and display the gently used items that people bring. You might also help keep areas neat, take pictures, or help promote some of the other great work GrowNYC's Zero Waste Program does!


Stop 'N' Swaps encourage reuse, build community, and reduce the waste NYC sends to landfills. By volunteering you will create an opportunity for people to bring things they no longer need instead of throwing them away, and find things they do want without manufacturing, packaging, or transportation.


Take a look at the photos from past Stop ‘N’ Swaps on Facebook.

How To Apply

The shift for this Stop 'N' Swap is 10:45 am to 4:30 pm