Outreach Coordinator: Silicon Valley AMIGOS Chapter



Start Date


End Date


Time Commitment

Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


San Jose
United States


The Recruitment & Training Coordinator manages marketing and outreach of the summer experience to high school students, teachers, and parents from summer through December. The Coordinator then plans, teaches, and evaluates the chapter Training Program. The Training Program follows a standardized Core Curriculum* and training calendar that includes a service-learning experience. The training meetings must foster a positive and open environment that is engaging and motivating for high school students across different backgrounds. The Training Coordinator recruits and leads a Training Team of program ‘veterans” -- high school students who assist in leading training meetings.


*The Core Curriculum is established as the starting point for the Training Director to develop an individualized timeline for the training year. 


Time Commitment: 

Must have some school-day availability (9am-3pm) on weekdays throughout the months of August to December.


Year-round responsibilities vary during the year:

Summer: Plan the Training Program and the update local training calendar for upcoming school year with the Board. Recruit ‘veteran’ Training Team from pool of experienced high school students. Plan with and coordinate recruitment of new high school students for the following year. Attend Board retreat.


Fall: Direct the recruitment process of 20 to 30 high school students by December. Speak with high school staff members (Spanish instructors) and present sales presentation of AMIGOS program to dozens of schools across Santa Clara County during school hours. Attend October weekend Training Director Workshop in Houston, and then design training calendar that incorporates Core Curriculum under the calendar time allotted by the Chapter Board. Train high school student veteran leadership Training Team. Attend monthly weekday evening Board meetings.


Winter: Finalize Participant recruitment and participate in Information Session presentations and family Interviews. Begin training program of Participants and provide support for Participant fundraising efforts. Attend monthly weekday evening Board Meetings.


Spring: Facilitate Training Program January through June on Sunday afternoons in San Jose. Manage Training Program, directly leading each training session. Facilitate Participant learning through service-learning experiences. Create positive and open environment supporting personal growth for students from many different schools and backgrounds. Evaluate Participants on training performance and communicate with the chapter Board and National Office staff about student progress. Foster leadership opportunities for Training Team to assist in instruction. Attend monthly weekday evening Board Meetings.


Knowledge of AMIGOS; leadership skills; positive and fun energy; strong organizational skills; ability to communicate effectively with youth and adults; ability to work well with others and delegate responsibilities; and the ability to serve as a guide and mentor to young leaders. Fluency in Spanish and international travel experience highly desired.

Stipend: $20/hr


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