Workshop Leader at an Educational Day Centre



Time Commitment

Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


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Otra Cosa Network

At Otra Cosa Network, our vision is equal opportunities in Peru for everyone to succeed and thrive.

We run five of our own projects, which are all part of the Huanchaco Education and Learning Programme (HELP). HELP is dedicated to advancing the education possibilities and resources for those living in lower-income communities in Huanchaco and the surrounding shanty towns. Alongside this, we support several partner organisations in the area, as well as in two remote locations in northern Peru.

Educational Day Centre

To the North of Trujillo there is a shanty town called El Milagro (The Miracle). The poorest part of this shantytown lies in and around a big garbage dump. These families, often including the children, work on the dump to collect plastic and glass and anything else they can sell for recycling. This is a very difficult and unhealthy environment to work in, but all these families have to raise a little money to live on.

The educational day centre, tries to stimulate these children, firstly, to go to school – many families make the kids work during the school day, arguing that they need the money – and secondly to continue learning in order to give them some hope of a better future. This includes practical help with homework as well as providing fun learning activities and skill development projects.

With the start in life that these children have, they need a miracle to end up with a real chance of a good career and future. We don’t expect you to perform miracles, but volunteering here can help enable the poorest kids to have some chance in the future, rather than repeat the cycle of their parents as some of the poorest and most deprived families. This project calls for serious initiative. The families can be resistant to the help offered by day centre and the volunteers. In order to work here you need to be capable of communicating with the families, gaining their trust so they are comfortable and happy for their children to attend the day centre.

Volunteer Roles/Working Hours

  • The main task of volunteers is to plan, prepare and deliver workshops using limited resources. This can be for primary or secondary aged children.
  • Volunteers are responsible for coming up with the workshop themes and content. Previous workshops have included a reading club, guitar lessons and a variety of sports activities.
  • There are also group activities for younger children where the centre sometimes requires extra assistance to take care of and play with children.
  • Since most children attend school in the mornings – with the exception of some of the teenagers – the workshops tend to be in the afternoons or on Saturdays
  • Please note: volunteers can only be accepted for this project between July and December

Volunteer Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 20
  • Experience with and affection for working with children (3-19 years old)
  • Spanish Level: Intermediate at least
  • Able to deal with chaotic situations
  • Flexible in organizing activities for the children
  • Be able to take a lot of your own initiative
  • Time Commitment: 6 weeks min.

Fee Required


  • Housing Available
  • Language/Cultural Support Available


  • International Volunteers