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Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


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Human Health Project (HHP) is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to helping individuals increase their health knowledge through the sharing of health information. HHP collects, analyzes, and shares health information to empower and inform individuals to achieve better health outcomes. Our patient-centered approach enables patients and caregivers to choose treatments based on evidence-based clinical data as well as the cumulative knowledge of the HHP community.

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Counsel on all manner of healthcare regulatory compliance.

Establishes, plans, and administers policies and goals to meet compliance objectives for the various business units of HHP.

Ensures the regulatory compliance of the day to day operations of HHP.

Maintains and improves documentation of policies and procedures.

Works with the various HHP business units to implement workflow changes and training to achieve compliance objectives.

Researches inquiries regarding regulatory law (state, federal and global).

Stays current on applicable law, regulation, and practice and advises stakeholders of relevant regulatory developments.


Experience preferred

2 years of legal experience which may be a combination of law firm and an in-house health care or transactional background.

Demonstrated understanding of the healthcare regulatory environment, including HIPAA, healthcare policies for clinical practice, of FDA Clinical Trials and Human Subject Protection and IRB practice.

Auditing or quality assurance experience helpful.



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