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Brief Summary of Position:

The Procurement Manager is responsible for all aspects of the procurement process for goods and services. The principle responsibilities of this position include: oversight of conducting all bid processes in a fair and transparent manner; developing contracts/service level agreements/vendor agreements; receiving goods, and complying with internal and donor procurement policies and standard operating procedures. This position reports to the CFO & COO.


Responsibilities include:


§ Follow procurement policies for selecting a winning bid in a fair and transparent process compare prices, specifications, and delivery dates in order to determine the best bid among potential suppliers, Determine winning bid

§  Open Purchase Orders

§ Secure relevant authorizations and support documentation including collecting Certs & Reps and Price Warranty forms as required

§ Seek delegation of authority from relevant authorities for approval for purchases that exceed the Direct Buy Limit when needed

§ Send PO to winning vendor

§ Verify all appropriate procurement documentation is complete before sending to Finance

§ Answer vendor questions about completing our bid requests

§ Monitor procurement activities occurring outside of the Pretoria office

§ Provide assistance with customs clearance for goods shipped to Uganda

Procurement Planning

§ Work with staff to anticipate needs for goods and services

§ Research potential vendors for commonly purchased goods and services in order to identify potential economies of scale and recommended options for vendor agreements

§ Write agreements with frequently used vendors using standard ELOIM policies and operating principles and procedures

§ Assist staff to maintain appropriate stock levels for supplies

§ Establish standardized turnaround times for procurement of various types of goods and services

§ Participate in the development of specifications for technical or specialized equipment, products and materials

§ Assist with annual and project-­-based budget development

§ Prepare reports on purchasing activities as requested

Compliance with Procurement Policies and Procedures

§ Maintain knowledge of all organizational and donor rules affecting purchases, and provide information about these rules to staff member and vendors

§ Ensure the above rules and regulations are adhered to in all ELOIM Uganda procurement activities

Record Keeping

§ Maintain Vendor Agreements and Service Level Agreements and monitor expiration dates


Receiving/ Following Upon Orders

§ Track the status of requisitions and communicate findings to the requestor

§ Contact suppliers in order to schedule or expedite deliveries and to resolve incorrect, lost, or late deliveries

§ Distribute goods received to requestors upon receipt

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