Grassroots Science Advocate



Time Commitment

A few hours per week


Short-Term (few weeks/months)


United States


Spark kids' scientific curiosity at a local elementary school, share sustainable urban gardening skills with families at a local women’s shelter, help write educational content about important national and local scientific topics, and more - we'd love your help expanding our impact on the Milwaukee community! Get involved with any of our programs:

  • The Urban Garden Project is empowering urban communities to be sustainable, healthy, and independent with their food choices. Read more here!
  • The Science Alive program provides engaging and inspirational science experiences via hands-on educational activities for schools, community centers, and public venues. Read more here!
  • The new Unleaded program is working to increase awareness and reduce lead exposure by providing information and resources on lead. Read more here!
  • Our MASA Publication Channel is educating the public about relevant scientific issues, connecting people to the scientific world, and inspiring readers to learn more or take action. Read our latest articles here!
  • Our MASA Ambassadors are sharing and inspiring scientific discussion by engaging, connecting, and building relationships within our community. Get involved here!

How To Apply

Fill out our sign-up form and mark Community Engagement as your interest. We'll be in touch!