Volunteer at AYPAD Snail farm in Ghana



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Haatso * Accra Ghana
08 Boyhe road


The project aims at providing low cost meat in our countries of operation while also providing employment that will generate income for marginalized population. AYPAD detected that snails are a high source of protein and cheaper than other animals’ meat, thus more accessible for population. Therefore we intend to commence this project with snail farming and at a later stage we would develop other farm types, to name a few: guinea fowl, turkey or pigs. These animals will be provided to the participants after being trained to properly manage their farms. AYPAD will help with marketing the product of our farmers after being harvested. 

The project hope to alleviate poverty, malnutrition, provide economic opportunity and education through a sustainable farming program by empowering at-risk women in Ghana. Through AYPAD Snail farm we will create employment opportunities, and also train women in how to be successful entrepreneurs. By providing work and necessary skills they can be proud of, we will not only be increasing their normal income they have to buy food, shelter, and pay for school fees, but we will be empowering a new generation of entrepreneurs. These women will be able to maintain their traditional family responsibilities, earn extra income, educate themselves and become positive role models of success for their families and their communities. in view of this we have recently started our Snail Farm in Ghana and request the help of a volunteer to help us train women in the following. Business development, Marketing etc

We will help volunteer with the following services.

This include Visa for 1 month to participating country,Lodging for 2 weeks in a family home stay with your own bedroom, breakfast, Dinner for 2 weeks, clean bottled drinking water, Orientation, airport pickup and drop off, sight seeing and donation to the project activities .

volunteers will only have to make arrangement for their flights.

Volunteer can work with us to do a documentary on their stay before they travel back to home country.

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  • Groups
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  • International Volunteers

How To Apply


Volunteers can apply by sending an email to the organization at info@aypadinternatonal.org and they should be able to stay at least 2 weeks or a month. We have placement all year round