Time Commitment

A few hours per month


District of Columbia
United States


Do you want to help change the lives of underserved Americans in your community? There are approximately 100 million adults in the US who do not have Bachelor’s degrees, many of whom are stuck in low-wage work that does not offer upward mobility.


Merit America is a new non-profit program focused on building a pathway from low-wage work into upwardly mobile careers. We do this by 1) partnering with employers, 2) operating learning programs aligned to employer needs that combine online learning + wraparound support, and 3) serving Americans without college degrees through our programs.


We are expanding our program, and need mentors to support career-seekers by helping them prepare for job interviews, refine their other soft skills, and learn about life in professional workplaces.


COMMITMENT: 1-2 hours per month


ROLE RESPONSIBILITIES: There are multiple ways to engage in mentorship. As a mentor, you will receive updates from us about upcoming mentorship opportunities. You will be able to choose which opportunities fit your schedule and expertise.

  • In-person mentorship events: Events in the DC area or Dallas area (more locations coming soon!) where you will interact with our career-seekers.
  • You will conduct mock interviews, provide networking practice, share stories of your career experiences, give advice about how to excel in a new job, and more.
  • Virtual mentorship events: Video conferences with our career-seekers
  • You will answer questions and share insights about interviews, your career experiences, and more.
  • Remote support: Support that can be provided remotely at any time
  • You will provide feedback on mock interview recordings, answer questions from our career-seekers, and more

Our career-seekers typically want advice about about how to stand out in an interview, build relationships with co-workers, ask for feedback from their manager, make a good impression during their first week in a new job, etc.



  • You have 1+ years of professional work experience
  • We value mentors from all professional fields, but are particularly seeking mentors with IT Helpdesk
  • You are living in the US
  • We value mentors from anywhere in the US as many mentoring opportunities are virtual, but are particularly seeking mentors in the DC metro area and Dallas metro area for in-person mentorship events
  • You are empathetic and committed to improving the lives of our learners
  • You are a fluent English speaker and writer




I will forever be grateful for the encouragement you provided by telling us your experiences and how we don’t have to be dependent on a degree to advance our career, if we’re willing to continue learning. That was reassuring and motivating to hear. You were so real about everything and I sincerely appreciate that. Your pointers about what things stand out in a cover letter and what not to do were beyond helpful to me because I was struggling with it before that.” - A career-seeker’s note to a mentor

It’s clear Merit America is focused on ensuring positive outcomes for learners, and mentors play a key role in that. By sharing my own professional path, learners could hear first hand that there truly is no one way to enter the IT industry. By supporting this organization you can make a measurable impact on the next generation of professionals.” - A mentor’s thoughts on his experience


How To Apply

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