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Part time (10-30 hrs/wk)


Bradley Hills Elementary School
8701 Hartsdale Ave
United States


CDBC, Inc., an all-volunteer, nonprofit community basketball camp in its 19th year, is seeking a videographer/video editor for its one week program. The videographer would be asked to film camp games and drills intermittently on Monday and Tuesday of camp week and then edit that footage into a highlight video to be shown to campers that Friday afternoon during our end-of-camp pizza party. We recognize this is a quick turnaround time - our main goal is give the kids the joy of seeing themselves succeed on video, while having fun ourselves. Highlight videos examples from previous years can be found here:

We're looking for a dedicated volunteer with a passion for video, an ability to work independently, and at least a general sense for basketball. There are no age or education restrictions for this role. In previous years we have had a range of volunteer videographers, from high schoolers to video professionals. This could be an especially great opportunity for a late high school or early college student to continue learning their craft in a supportive environment. We would enjoy collaborating and advising while giving you the freedom to be creative and have artistic autonomy with your video.

As an all-volunteer group, CDBC cannot pay the videographer, however you would be free to use your highlight video for your reel as a work sample, and we can provide training and guidance in video production and editing. When we're not running CDBC, one of the camp co-directors works as a professional video editor for clients like Buzzfeed and HBO Sports, while one of the camp assistant directors is a producer for ESPN. A DSLR camera and Adobe Premiere video editing software would be made available for the work if needed, but you would be free to use whatever camera and editing software you like. High school age applicants can also receive Student Service Learning Hours for their time.

Thank you for considering volunteering with us - we would love to have you join our team for an amazing week!


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How To Apply

Please email us if you are interested in joining our team. Include a cover letter, resume, and links to any relevant video work samples. Many thanks!