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Natural Creativity
6001 Germantown Avenue
Education Building, 2nd Floor
United States


Natural Creativity (NC) is a resource center for self-directed, partnership education, for youths aged 4-17. We believe all humans are born hardwired to develop and learn, and systems in our society undermine and dampen the natural process. By creating an environment that supports individual development and pursuit of self-chosen goals and interests, we believe the level of engagement and conceptual development to be stronger and of greater quality than in other settings. We offer invitations to join adults doing purposeful work they are passionate about, and our youths always have the option to accept or refuse those invitations.

One helpful way to imagine our community is through the lens of process and content.  We believe each individual has a right to decide what content is of interest and worth pursuing.  We may make suggestions, particularly as we consider what we find helpful as adults and at various points in our respective journeys, but these are suggestions rather than obligations. Instead, we promote a focus on process – not What, but How – and use our creative problem solving process, Non-Violent Communication, and an explicit expression of process awareness, to aid our youths (and their parents) in developing the skills that will allow them to live the kinds of lives they would like to lead.

Visiting Arts - individuals with experience and interest in wide-ranging fields, such as cooking, sewing, gymnastics, mathematics, engineering, robotics, performing, painting, history, activism, writing, carpentry, biology, environmental science, chemistry, and more - offer access to content of interest in meaningful ways to young people, through sharing examples of their work, sharing activities and experiences, and discussing the thinking that goes into the work.

Visiting Artists may volunteer at NC as often as they wish, from a single visit to weekly visits throughout our program year (September through June), Monday-Thursday, from 9am-2pm. Visiting Artist sessions can be 1-2 hours or longer, and may work with a small group or in one on one settings.


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How To Apply

Please email with any questions you have about us or the position, the area(s) of interest you wish to share with young people, and a sentence or two about how you see yourself fitting in with our organization (notes about experiences, personally or professionally, you have had with self-directed education or pursuing a passion are always welcome). Please note that because you would be working with young people, we expect you to have State and Federal clearances for working with children (we can help you get them if needed).