Eat, Play, Win! day and PS/IS 66 WE HONOR OUR HEROES



Start Date


End Date


Times of day


Time Commitment

A few hours per week


One-time only


PS/IS 66 between Foster ave and Ave D
845 E96th street
New York
United States


First and foremost, thank you so much for your interest in our event. We know how challenging it is to try and cover so many aspects to make an event go off with any hitches. That is not possible without the support of a great volunteer team so again thank you in advance for all your work!


Our organization, Eat, Play, Win Inc is a 501c3 with the mission of building community bridges one Eat, Play, Win, Day at a time. We are partnering with a new resource and social media company to bring this event to the Canarsie community.

This month’s event will be to honor our active and veteran military, NYPD, FDNY, EMS and the teachers of PS/IS 66. We are hoping that you will volunteer to assist us in bringing the school a fun, wonderful event that will fulfill everyone’s mission.


Our event is scheduled Saturday November 10th from 3pm – 6pm at PS/IS 66. Located at 845 E 96th St, Brooklyn, NY 11236. We request that first shift volunteers arrive at 10:00 am for orientation and setup. Second shift volunteers please arrive for 2pm orientation. We will be gathering outside the main entrance to the school. Please bring ID. It may be required for entrance to the school.

Our plan is to have teams of 2-3 people handling each task. Please indicate if you will be participating with a friend, colleague or sibling so we can do our best to accommodate you, that person or those multiple people.


What should I expect to be doing during the project? A team will be necessary for set up and are invited to stay and enjoy the event. If you stay, please consider giving a donation to the PS/IS 66 Parent Association as this is a fundraiser. A second team will run the event and clean up. You can work the entire day if you need the hours.


Event Tasks will include, but are not limited to

 setting up- inflating balloons, setting up tables, unloading vehicles, signage

During the event- Reception- handling admission, overseeing entrance, tech savvy volunteers may troubleshoot and assist in signing attendees up for the website (if we need to do that), overseeing giveaways

Silent disco- dancing with families in our silent disco while keeping an eye on things, dj to monitor the music on our streaming services, headphone distribution and cleaning outside the disco party.

Obstacle course-monitoring the adrenaline rush obstacle course, timing obstacle course participants and keeping track of safety,

Clean up- we’ll have about an hour and a half for cleaning up. It will involve packing up the vehicles, removing all signage, making sure we remove any tape etc. that we put up, cleaning up balloons.


What skills will help me be great for this project?

Excellent Customer service skills

Able to follow directions but use initiative when necessary

Problem solving

Ability to lift 50 pounds for those packing and unpacking vehicles


Do I need to wear special clothing?

You will be helping with activities for a fitness and wellness event so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that will help you move around easily. T-shirts will be provided for those working the actual event. Please keep in mind that t’s usually warm in this location. If you’re working reception it might be a bit chilly as it will be set up by the door.


Can I bring friends?

Please do. Friends can volunteer and should sign up as you do. Friends not volunteering will need to pay the admission as this is a school fundraiser. Adults $10 children $5.


A few housekeeping details:


1. For directions on how to arrive to PS/IS 66 in Canarsie, Brooklyn using public transportation please click here. Our event will happen rain or shine. There is no rain date.


4. There will be coffee and tea provided for you throughout the event. Feel free to bring your water bottle. The Parent Association will also have some snacks on sale. We will also provide some light refreshments, but be sure to have a hearty breakfast or lunch before arriving so we can get to work right away.


5. It is important for us that as you enter the volunteer space, you keep in mind that you are a reflection of our brand. Therefore we request that you treat all attendees and your fellow volunteers with respect. Remember to keep a smile on your face, be polite and answer questions to the best of your knowledge. And if you are not sure of something, ask a question! 


Should you need to cancel your participation please try to do so 48 hours before the event, to allow us ample time to cover your area.


If you should be running late, have an issue or get lost please text 917-480-1375 and let us know what is happening. Otherwise, we look forward to meeting you on Saturday November 10th!



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How To Apply

Please complete and submit this questionnaire for consideration.Thank You. Submit your answers to



Name:                                                   Age:               T-shirt Preference: Large or XL   Email:

                                                                                                                                                      Cell number:

1. Are you participating for school credit?

2. Are you participating for volunteer hours for work?

Other: ____________________________________________________________

3. Where did you hear about our event?

4. Are you volunteering with a group? Please note name(s)

5. Do you consider yourself tech savvy?

Part of the platform we will be launching for our parent company is dealing with social media and the use of “virtual locker rooms”. We will be live demoing the event on our site, we are interested to gauge your expertise so we can utilize those skills.

6. If you are not quite as tech savvy, what area you would love to participate in?


o  I will do whatever is needed


o  Set up- unpack vehicles, inflate balloons, décor, etc


o  Volunteer area- assist your fellow volunteers by keeping the area secure and monitoring snacks etc


o  Registration table- checking admission online, signing participants up for website, troubleshooting sign ups, giveaways


o  Glow in the dark Silent disco- showing off your dance moves in the silent disco. We need a couple of people to get the teens dancing and keep the energy of the party high etc.


o  Obstacle Course- monitor line going in, tracking the participant’s completion times to determine a winner for those competing, monitoring safety


o  Massage area- monitoring line, keeping attendees happy and comfortable while waiting


o  Kids Spa- monitoring the area and assisting with crowd control


o  Runners- get to see the entire event. Walk the event to offer assistance to attendees, activity vendors, table vendors etc. Give your fellow volunteers bathroom breaks and snack breaks or bring them snacks or drinks if needed. Check bathrooms periodically to make sure supplies like soap, toilet paper and paper towels are available. Remove paper from the floor. Often, customers associate Clean sweet smelling bathrooms with the overall quality of the event 


o  Clean up- remove all décor, pack items up and pack truck.


7. I prefer to volunteer

o10 am to 2 pm  o2 pm to 8 pm   o10 am to 8 pm

8. Other Do you participate in social media?

Please note handles for your accounts:

Facebook - 

Twitter -


Linked In -

Other ______________________

9. Do you have any physical limitations that would forbid your participation in physical activity?

10. Do you have objections to participating in any particular activity?

11. Would you be interested in participating in other Eat Play Win Day/Kanetic events?

12. Would you be interested in becoming an intern with our company?

13. Anything else we should know? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to complete these questions. We will contact you at the above email as soon as possible.