Healthcare Professional Outreach Volunteer - Oregon Coast



Time Commitment

A few hours per month


Long-Term (6 months-1 year)


1650 NW Naito Parkway
Suite 190
United States


Association and Program Overview: The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading non-profit funder of Alzheimer’s disease research. Our chapter provides free services to individuals affected by dementia, their caregivers and the community. Our services include support groups, caregiver training and early-stage engagement programs.

The Healthcare Professional Outreach program (HCP) seeks to build relationships with healthcare providers, provide education about the importance of early detection and diagnosis, and increase referrals to the Association.


Volunteer Position Overview: The HCP volunteer will be responsible for conducting general outreach to healthcare professionals or conducting outreach to healthcare professionals who work with minority populations. Other related opportunities are possible, based on volunteer interest.


Volunteer Attributes: Interest in the cause, organized, good time management skills, able to work independently, professional, able to take initiative, problem-solver, strategic thinker, excellent written and verbal communication skills, adaptable, and flexible.


Desired Skills: Fluent in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese or another language. Experience in the health care field.


Volunteer Position Objectives:

  • Be knowledgeable about the Alzheimer’s Association mission and how local programs support the mission.
  • In close coordination with HCP Outreach program manager, conduct outreach and promotion of Association services.
  • Serve as an official representative of the Alzheimer’s Association in all communications with healthcare professionals.
  • Help recruit healthcare professional champions.


Alzheimer’s Association Staff Commitment:

  • Provide training and coaching on the Association’s mission and services.
  • Ensure the volunteer is prepared and trained to represent the Association and conduct outreach to healthcare professionals and the community.
  • Offer on-going support and access to Association resources as necessary for success.




  • Training Provided

How To Apply

Please email Alyssa with a copy of your current resume and a brief message about why you're interested in this opportunity.